Oliver Wendell Douglas

by Bailey  

We all have those life changing moments; days that change how you live and how you look at life. Mine happened August 1, 2015.

For a couple of years now, my wife Patti and I talked about moving away from the tiny beach community we lived in in Branford, Connecticut, for wide open spaces. Quite quickly we realized North Carolina was a place of common interest. She has friends and relatives here, and I have a family connection going back to the early 19th century. So we started looking for a home. No, not just a home, but a farm.

You know how it goes when you first start looking at real estate listings -- oh, this one looks nice; oh, look at that; no, we can't afford that one. I'd been using Zillow as my search tool. I was looking in counties in the same region of the state where my ancestor was born, when one day I found what is now our farm. It had everything my wife wanted -- an old house, a barn, and plenty of land for horses and other animals to live.

I hesitated sending her the link because of the price, but I eventually sent it to her. Days later she took a road trip from Connecticut to North Carolina, and just weeks after that we were under contract to buy the place. A few weeks after that we were moving in, giving up the sounds, smells and view of Long Island Sound for the greenery of our own farm.

Can you picture Eddie Albert riding on the back of his tractor in the opening credits of "Green Acres"?

"Farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out, so far and wide. Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside."

I'd never have pictured me doing the same thing. But here I am, Jeff Bailey, playing the role of husband, dad, student, and gentleman farmer Oliver Wendell Douglas.

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